Elon University Acceptance Rate, Fees, Scholarships 2024

Elon University Acceptance Rate, Fees, Scholarships 2024

Elon University Acceptance Rate, Fees, Scholarships 2024

Elon University is a Private University operating under the liberal arts University located at Elon in North Carolina. Interested students who wish to pursue the path of college education and gain a university degree, have to make certain decisions, some of which include the following; the acceptance ratio, tuition cost, and available scholarships. In this case, preferential factors include class start, application fee, and test scores for prospective Elon University students seeking to join in the year 2024.

Elon University is a great institution known for its high reputation of being one of the best universities that have a lively student population, in this article information about the acceptance rate of the institution, costs of tuition fees, and scholarships available for students in Elon University will be shared in details.

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Exploring these aspects enables prospective students with useful information on how to arm themselves with indispensable information that they need while going through the college admission procedure in the future. Applicants for the class of 2024 put in more than 12,500 applications, whereas Musk accepted about 4,650 students. This means Elon had an acceptance rate of approximately 37% for the year 2024, thus categorizing it as a moderately selective university.

There is a range of 27-31 in the ACT scores and 1270-1410 in the SAT of the middle 50% of the students most of whom joined the class of 2024. Elon also includes other elements into consideration when admitting students, these include; Grade point average, transcripts, co-curricular activities, personal essays, and letters of recommendation.

Elon University Tuition & Expenses

Undergraduate tuition and fees for the 2023-2024 academic year: Elon predicts that it will cost $76,978 in total to attend the school. This includes:

  • Tuition and Fees (2023-24): $44,536
  • Net Price for Federal Loan Recipients (2020-2021): $39,437

Net Price by Family Income (2020-2021):

  • $0-$30,000: $24,048
  • $30,001-$48,000: $22,133
  • $48,001-$75,000: $30,596
  • $75,001-$110,000: $38,312
  • $110,001 and above: $46,055
  • Room and Board (2023-24): It would only cost $ 14,478 for the company to plug the revenue hole left by the combination of lower income and increased expenses.
  • Books and supplies: Suppose that each store sells a total of $1,200 worth of products.
  • Personal expenses: $1,500
  • Transportation: $500
  • Fees: $18,178

The fees entail student activity, Computer, Health, Games, Union, and other services that are within the institution.

Elon University Scholarships 2024

In this light, the Elon scholarship is among the many offered by the college to make college education affordable. As with grants, these awards do not have to be repaid once the student is done pursuing their studies. Some scholarships are for academic and musical or artistic achievers, leadership, athletics, under-represented ethnicity or minority, extracurricular activities or special interests, service in the military, and even for those with financial need.

Few exceptional students noted that they could ‘bundle’ their scholarships and grants and finance all their expenses including tuition fees, accommodation, meals, books as well as other expenses at Elon. This makes it impossible for deserving and qualified students to miss this top university due to financial challenges. In essence, if your area of strength is in the laboratory, theatre, football pitch, or volunteering, then there is likely a scholarship available for you.

Elon University Scholarship Eligibility and Application Process

Elon University offers a range of scholarships to recognize and support students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, leadership potential, and a commitment to making meaningful contributions to the higher education community. Each scholarship has specific eligibility requirements and application procedures, providing opportunities for students to pursue their educational goals. Here’s an overview of the eligibility criteria and application process for Elon University scholarships:

Presidential Scholarship:


  • Exceptional academic accomplishment and demonstrated promise as future leaders in higher education.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.5 is required.
  • Recipients must maintain a GPA of 3.3 to continue earning the scholarship in subsequent periods.

Dean’s Scholarships:


  • Strong academic success, personal characteristics such as leadership or life experiences, and potential to contribute significantly to the higher education community.
  • No specific GPA requirement is mentioned for eligibility.
  • Recipients must maintain a GPA of 3.3 to continue receiving the scholarship in the following periods.

Leadership Scholarship:


  • Exceptional academic achievement, campus and civic leadership, and potential to become effective higher education professionals.
  • No specific GPA requirement is mentioned for eligibility.
  • Recipients must maintain a GPA of 3.0 to retain the scholarship.

Elon University Scholarship Application Process:

  • Step 1: Applicants must submit their application documents for the M.A. in Higher Education program. The MHE Admissions Committee will review the applications and make conditional admission decisions based on eligibility criteria.
  • Step 2: Conditionally accepted students will be invited to Preview Weekend, where they will be interviewed for apprenticeship positions. Final admission to the program is contingent upon acceptance of an apprenticeship offer.

Scholarship Notification: Scholarship amounts will be communicated to students by the week of January 24, following conditional acceptance.

Application Deadline: The deadline for submitting application documents is before or on January 10. Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed based on space availability. Students must commit to enrolling for the autumn semester before April 15. Participation in Preview Weekend does not guarantee an apprenticeship position, but it is considered in the scholarship selection process.

Student Loan Debt Landscape at Elon University

Is very essential to understand the impact of student loan debt which is crucial for prospective college students planning their financial futures. At Elon University, students are required to know the details of how to borrow money and the patterns of debt level so as not to make mistakes.

Federal Loan Debt:

Among undergraduate borrowers who completed their degree, the median federal loan debt stands at $20,500, making provision for a snapshot of the typical borrowing experience for Elon University graduates. The median monthly federal loan payment, based on a 10-year repayment plan at 5.05% interest, is approximately $217, offering a glimpse into post-graduation financial obligations.

Private Loan Debt:

Approximately 11% of graduating students at Elon University took out private loans, with an average debt of $51,596 at graduation. These private loans support and help federal aid and contribute to the total debt burden for students.

Variation by Family Income:

Federal loan debt varies by family income, with borrowers from different income brackets shouldering varying levels of indebtedness. For instance:

  • Families with incomes of $0-$30,000 face a typical federal loan debt of $18,875.
  • Families earning $30,001-$75,000 have a median debt of $17,500.
  • Higher-income families, with incomes of $75,001 and above, carry a median debt of $18,500.

Loan Repayment by Family Income:

While the median monthly loan payment is $217, the breakdown by family income groups is not available. However, this information through lights about insight into the financial responsibilities graduates face based on their borrowing and income levels.

2022 Graduating Class Indebtedness:

The average total indebtedness of the 2022 graduating class at Elon University is $33,774. This encapsulates the combined federal and private loan debt burden borne by graduates. In 2022, 39% of graduating students borrowed, indicating the prevalence of student borrowing at Elon University. While borrowing is common, it is necessary to know the importance of understanding loan terms and repayment obligations for students and families alike.

Financial Aid Insights at Elon University

Securing financial aid is a critical aspect of college planning for students and families. At Elon University, students are supported and helped by the comprehensive array of need-based and merit-based aid options which helps in students’ pursuit of higher education.

Need-Based Aid:

  • Need-based aid is determined by the demonstrated financial need of students or their families, as assessed through the FAFSA.
  • In fall 2021, the average need-based scholarship or grant awarded to first-year students at Elon University amounted to $18,212, providing substantial support to eligible students.
  • 40% of first-year students received need-based financial aid, showing the university’s commitment to assisting students with demonstrated financial need.
  • Need-based self-help aid, comprising federal loans and work-study opportunities, further alleviates financial burdens. The average need-based self-help aid awarded to first-year students stood at $4,428, aiding students in covering educational expenses while minimizing reliance on loans.

Merit-Based Aid:

  • Merit-based aid, also known as non-need-based aid, is awarded to students based on specific talents or academic achievements.
  • The average non-need-based scholarship or grant awarded to first-year students at Elon University, excluding athletic scholarships, amounted to $9,460, recognizing and rewarding students for their exceptional abilities and accomplishments.

Financial Aid Accessibility:

Elon University stands out in supporting their students’ financial aid needs, covering 61% of their demonstrated needs on average. This act of kindness helps students to have access to financial resources to pursue their academic goals and careers without being financially bothered.

Types of Aid Available:

In addition to scholarships and grants, Elon University offers various forms of financial aid, including federal loans, work-study opportunities, and institutional aid programs. These resources are available to helps high academic performance students in financing their education, whic provides  a pathway to academic success without undue financial strain.

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Elon is highly committed to providing merit-based scholarships need-based grants and other forms of financial aid to ease the cost burden on the students. Elon also provides 100 percent of the demonstrated financial need through grants, employment, and supplemental loans. Elon is one of the most economically diverse institutions; more than 96% of students receive some form of financial aid.

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