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AfOx Visiting Fellowship Program 2024 for African Students

AfOx Visiting Fellowship Program 2024 for African Students

AfOx Visiting Fellowship Program 2024 for African Students

The AfOx Visiting Fellowship Program for African Students 2024 is currently open for motivated individuals seeking an enriching opportunity. Tailored for bright African researchers, this fellowship offers a unique chance to forge global connections and dedicate focused time to a personal project at the prestigious University of Oxford. Away from the usual teaching and administrative responsibilities at their home institutions, fellows can immerse themselves fully in their chosen projects, fostering innovation and academic growth. This program serves as a platform for exceptional scholars to expand their horizons, cultivate international networks, and make significant contributions to their fields of expertise. If you’re eager to embark on this transformative journey, seize the opportunity and apply now.

The AfOx Visiting Fellowship Program has fostered enduring partnerships between fellows and Oxford collaborators, yielding impactful research outcomes. These include joint publications, innovative projects, and influential engagements with African policymakers. Moreover, African scholars have significantly enriched Oxford’s academic and social landscape while benefiting from access to the university’s vast resources and expertise. The program offers postgraduate students comprehensive support, including accommodation, travel, living expenses allowance, university privileges, and ongoing assistance throughout the fellowship. Additionally, fellows gain access to valuable online training and resources, further enhancing their academic and professional development.

The University of Oxford, founded in the 12th century, stands as one of the oldest and most prestigious universities globally. Over its nine-century history, Oxford has been a beacon of academic excellence, intellectual inquiry, and scholarly achievement. From its medieval origins to its modern-day status as a leading research institution, Oxford has continuously evolved, adapting to changing times while maintaining its commitment to rigorous scholarship and innovative research. Its renowned colleges, distinguished faculty, and rich academic tradition have cemented Oxford’s reputation as a symbol of academic excellence and intellectual prowess. Today, the University of Oxford remains at the forefront of global higher education, shaping the future of knowledge and nurturing generations of scholars who continue to make significant contributions to society.

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Fellowship Summary:

Fellowship Sponsor(s): AfOx and University of Oxford

Host Institution(s): University of Oxford

Number of Awards: Several

Study Level: Postgraduate

Nationality: Africa

Requirements and eligibility criteria for  AfOx Visiting Fellowship Program 2024 for African Students:

  • Be exceptional African researchers seeking to build international networks and research.
  • Have an Oxford-based researcher named as their collaborator on their application.
  • Hold a position in an African university/research institution domiciled in an African country.
  • Be a legal resident in the host country of their institution.

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Application Procedures for AfOx Visiting Fellowship Program 2024 for African Students (How to apply);

To apply for the AfOx Visiting Fellowship Programme 2024, interested candidates must complete an online application before the deadline. The application process involves the following steps:

  • Prepare a proposal with a maximum of 1000 words.
  • Submit an updated CV.
  • Ensure that an academic collaborator from Oxford University is willing to support the fellowship and provide a statement of support.
  • All applications must be submitted through the designated application portal.
  • It is essential to note that applications lacking the required support letter from the proposed Oxford host will not be considered. Therefore, applicants should ensure they have secured the necessary support before submitting their applications.

Application Deadline: 31st May, 2024

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