Harvard Fellowship Programme 2024 for South Africans

Harvard Fellowship Programme 2024 for South Africans

Harvard Fellowship Programme 2024 for South Africans

Harvard Fellowship Program is calling on skilled South Africans to apply and contribute to community and national betterment. Created by Harvard University President Derek Bok in 1979, this program aims to enhance and transform South Africa through impactful initiatives.

HSAFP is making continuous efforts to welcome a diverse range of applicants by expanding its connections with institutions and organizations across South Africa. The program is open to all eligible South Africans, encouraging everyone to apply and be part of it.

Derek Curtis Bok, born in 1930, was a prominent American educator and lawyer. He served as the President of Harvard University from 1971 to 1991 and later returned for a brief interim term in 2006-2007. Bok, a graduate of Stanford and Harvard Law School, became a Harvard Law School professor in 1958 and later its dean from 1968 to 1971. His presidency faced challenges, including financial difficulties, but he implemented reforms to enhance diversity and undergraduate education. Bok’s long-standing commitment to education is reflected in his writings on higher education issues.

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Fellowship Summary:

Fellowship Sponsor(s): Harvard University President Derek Bok

Host Institution(s): Harvard University

Fellowship Duration: 6 weeks

Number of Awards: Several

Study Level: Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees

Nationality: South African Students

Requirements and eligibility criteria for Harvard Fellowship Programme 2024 for South Africans:

  • African Youths aged 18-35 residing in Africa.
  • Access to a Laptop and reliable Internet.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Possession of self-developed skills.
  • Effective communication in English.
  • Full commitment to and completion of the 6-week program.
  • Emphasis on Skill: Priority given to applicants showcasing significant skills in their respective fields.
  • Advanced Training Focus: Aim to provide advanced training to empower individuals in contributing to South African political, social, and economic development.
  • Experiential Requirement: Candidates without a completed first degree are eligible only if pursuing it concurrently with or after gaining workplace experience.
  • Flexible Age Range: Typically, fellows fall within the 30- to 45-year-old bracket, but there are no strict age requirements or limitations.

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Application Procedure for Harvard Fellowship Programme 2024 for South Africans (How to apply);

To apply for the Harvard Fellowship Programme HSAFP 2024, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Click on this link to access the application from February 1 onward.
  • Choose ‘Apply’ on the application page.
  • On the Login screen, opt for ‘without Harvard Key’.
  • If it’s your first time logging in, select ‘Create New Account’. After creating your account, return to the link above to access the application.
  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox for the application process, as the system may not work correctly with Internet Explorer or Safari.
  • You can review the application preview [here].

Application Deadline: April 15, 2024

For more information visit the official website

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