2022/2024 Next Einstein Forum (NEF) Ambassador Programme for Africans

2022/2024 Next Einstein Forum (NEF) Ambassador Programme for Africans

2022/2024 Next Einstein Forum (NEF) Ambassador Programme for Africans

Suitably qualified young Africans who are champions of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and Social Sciences in their respective countries are invited to submit application for the 2022/2024 Next Einstein Forum (NEF) Ambassador Programme that offers a 2 years mandate for selected applicants to grow their own careers through the NEF’s partnerships that offer opportunities for mentorship and collaborations with established researchers,

The Next Einstein Forum (NEF) Ambassador Programme is an initiative of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS). Launched in 2013 with four pillars which includes the NEF Global Gatherings, NEF Policy Work, the NEF Platform, and the NEF Community of Scientists. It also has two cross-cutting commitments: the commitment to scientific excellence that speaks to both research and education and a commitment to gender equity. Applicants must be young STEM champions under the age of 42 years from eligible African country, who drive the NEF’s public engagement activities.

The Next Einstein Forum (NEF) is a platform that connects science and policy in Africa and the rest of the world, with the goal to leverage science for human development. Launched in 2013, the NEF is an initiative of AIMS in partnership with Robert Bosch Stiftung (Foundation). The NEF was born out of a recognition that there was no gathering on African soil where the very best actors had the chance to come together from their various communities of science, industry, civil society, and policy, from Africa and across the globe to leverage science for global development. In addition to that, there was no platform where topics were addressed strategically and holistically, with opportunities for cross-fertilization. In existing forums, the public is often ignored in the design and outcomes of the forums. Women, young people and persons with disabilities were often underrepresented in involvement or speaking opportunities at such forums.

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Eligibility for the 2022/2024 Next Einstein Forum (NEF) Ambassador Programme for Africans:

  • Applicants must not be more than 42 years of age at the time of application.
  • Applicants must be resident and citizen of an African country.
  • Applicants must have advanced studies or professional certificates, personal projects that demonstrates entrepreneurial and innovation achievements.
  • Applicants must posses outstanding writing and critical thinking capabilities.
  • Applicants must show passion for raising Africa’s profile in STEM or social sciences.
  • Applicants must have an active work or study profile shown through an active online or social media presence.
  • Applicants must be proficient in English language and French.

Benefits of the 2022/2024 Next Einstein Forum (NEF) Ambassador Programme for Africans:

  • Successful applicants will get the chance to pitch their own projects and ideas to high-profile NEF members and contribute to the establishment of a positive global view of science in Africa.
  • Successful applicants will have the chance to share their own work and influence STEM and innovation policy through NEF articles and documents.
  • Successful applicants get to become a member of the prestigious NEF Community of Scientists.

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Application Deadline: October 24, 2022.

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