NileWell Scientist-Journalist Co-Production Fellowship Program 2023

NileWell Scientist-Journalist Co-Production Fellowship Program 2023

NileWell Scientist-Journalist Co-Production Fellowship Program 2023

The NileWell platform is offering a fellowship program for journalists and scientists from the Nile Basin countries, namely Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, DRC, Ethiopia, and Rwanda. The program, which runs from May to December 2023, focuses on co-creating communication materials based on scientific research and includes training and mentorship opportunities. This fellowship is a unique opportunity for journalists and scientists to collaborate and produce high-quality materials that communicate important scientific findings to the wider public.

The InfoNile Fellowship is a collaborative effort by Water Journalists Africa, a prominent network of journalists covering water-related issues in Africa, to uncover compelling stories about water challenges in the Nile River Basin using data-driven multimedia storytelling. This initiative takes place on the NileWell platform provided by InfoNile, which serves as a hub for journalists and scientists in the Nile Basin region. The Nile Basin Capacity Building Network Foundation and IHE Delft Institute for Water Education are supporting the program, with funding from the JRS Biodiversity Foundation and IHE Delft’s Water and Development Partnership Programme. This fellowship presents a valuable opportunity for journalists to report on critical water issues with the aid of scientific data, multimedia tools, and expert guidance from Water Journalists Africa.

The co-production fellowship program is an initiative that aims to foster cooperation and mutual understanding between the scientific community, the media, and the general public in the Nile Basin region. It seeks to encourage dialogue and collaboration among local communities, organizations, and policymakers working in water and environmental conservation. The program aims to promote a greater understanding of science and research among journalists, particularly those involved in water-related topics, by bringing them together with scientists to enhance their comprehension of complex scientific concepts. By working together, scientists and journalists can make science more accessible and engaging to the public and to each other.

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The program, which runs from May to December 2023, is looking for applicants with expertise in water and the environment, including topics such as climate change, biodiversity, water quality, WASH, water infrastructure, hydrology, and social sciences, from Nile Basin countries. If you have experience in these areas and are passionate about improving communication and collaboration, you are encouraged to apply for this program.

Requirements and eligibility criteria for NileWell Scientist-Journalist Co-Production Fellowship Program 2023:

  • Applicants must be a professional journalist with an interest in reporting on water-related science.
  • Applicants must be scientists and researchers from different disciplines working on topics related to water and/or the environment.

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Application Procedure for NileWell Scientist-Journalist Co-Production Fellowship Program 2023 (How to apply);

Interested applicant who wants to apply for NileWell Scientist-Journalist Co-Production Fellowship Program 2023, are to submit their application by completing this form and also prepare the following documents below.

  • Detailed CV
  • Information/links to the research you plan to communicate (if you are a scientist)
  • Related research studies you have done in the past (if you are a scientist)
  • Links to any scientific communication you have produced in the past, such as science stories, blog posts, or social media posts especially on water and environmental topics (if you are a journalist)

Application Deadline: 10th April, 2023.

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